New energy price comparison tool launched

NFU Energy, a UK’s energy consultancy, has launched a brand-new energy price comparison website. This new tool aims to empower businesses across all sectors by enabling them to easily compare energy prices and switch to suppliers offering more favourable deals tailored to their needs.

With energy costs being a significant expense for a variety of enterprises, finding the most competitive energy deals is crucial. This user-friendly online comparison tool simplifies the process of comparing and switching energy suppliers. Businesses can input their energy consumption details and preferences, such as contract length and trading type, and in just a few clicks, they can view a comprehensive list of energy suppliers’ tailored offers, making it easier than ever to evaluate and select the best option for their business.

NFU Energy has established strong partnerships with a wide network of energy suppliers, ensuring a diverse range of options. These partnerships enable businesses to benefit from exclusive rates and favourable contract terms that may not be available through other channels. By using the tool, businesses can potentially unlock significant savings on their energy bills, as well as saving valuable time and effort.

Joshua Robinson, Head of Contract Sales at NFU Energy said: “The launch of this new initiative marks a significant milestone for NFU Energy. Whilst this new tool will not replace our fantastic customer support team, it will certainly complement our service, giving customers the flexibility to compare contract deals in a matter of minutes, at any time of day.”

NFU Energy is committed to supporting UK businesses in their pursuit of sustainability and profitability. The launch of this online energy price comparison tool is part of its ongoing efforts to provide businesses with the tools and resources needed to navigate the evolving energy landscape efficiently.

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