“We’re to serve both the South Asian market and the Middle East with our lighting solutions”

India is often named one of the most interesting markets regarding the future of CEA, and the team at Greenlux Lighting Solutions certainly understands why. Recently, they fully acquired their subsidiary, eAge Electronics, in which they previously had partial ownership, and launched a new subsidiary in India. With the brand Valoya India, they will cater to the dynamic South Asian horticulture market and the Middle East as well.

“India has a lot of sunlight, but there are many areas where there’s no land available, and plants and produce need to be transported from the countryside to the cities. Our customers see the potential for the fixtures to either grow exotic plants with European seeds, produce without pesticides, achieve constant yields, or extend the growing season with our techniques. It would be for the high-end market that’s willing to pay a premium price for a locally grown product,” said Kari Kylä-Kaila, COO of Greenlux, earlier this year when discussing countries of interest to the Finnish lighting company.

South Asia and the Middle East
The expansion in India is twofold. On one hand, Greenlux fully acquired their Indian-based manufacturing partner, eAge, in which they already had ownership. At the same time, a new subsidiary was launched to further extend their foothold in South Asia and offer a broad home base for their brands: GreenluxLight for the general lighting markets and Valoya India catering to the horticulture market.

“We’re to serve both the South Asian market and the Middle East with our lighting solutions. Although circumstances in both regions are different, there’s a high demand for quality lighting solutions and knowledge of CEA. Thanks to our extensive research and history in growing, we can offer solutions that are applicable in many climatic circumstances and help growers achieve optimal results.”

North American market
Simultaneously, on the other side of the world, there’s also a lot going on. Valoya’s presence is strengthened by its subsidiary, Valoya Inc., serving North American greenhouse and indoor growers, particularly those active in the food and cannabis markets.

These acquisitions come in a year characterized by strategic reformation. As the merger of Greenlux and Valoya became official last year, CEO Mikael Broman says the recent achievements are a testament to their commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. “The synergy between GreenluxLight, Valoya, and eAge, coupled with the strategic acquisitions, positions us as a truly global player capable of transforming the lighting landscape across industries and geographies.”

“Now that we can look back on the first months together, we can see that the amalgamation of GreenluxLight and Valoya has proved to be a visionary step, synergizing the competencies and resources of both companies,” Kari adds. “Clients have lauded the consolidated offerings that bring together quality, technology, and customer service, making the pursuit of lighting solutions more convenient for the horticultural and general lighting market.”