VIP roses shows introductions from own breeding at home fair

From Nov. 7 through Nov. 10, VIP Roses is opening its greenhouse to visitors. “We are displaying our entire assortment. From our own cold-grown roses to the dyed and waxed cut flowers,” says owner Marc Sassen.

The breeder, Rowan Sassen, with the Rebellion

In 2021, the grower started its own breeding program and they are finally reaping what they sowed. Flowers, of course, of no less than five new varieties.

The five new varieties to be shown from VIP Breeding are the Villa Muse, Bachelor, El Parton, Chinatown and Rebellion Pink.

The open days coincide with the Trade Fair and IFTF. While in previous years the grower did both, they now choose to focus exclusively on the house fair. “We’re doing that because we’re taking a bigger approach now, there’s more to see and because of the novelties from our breeding, in addition to the florist and exporter, we’ve now invited fellow growers. And let’s face it, that’s still the most fun, walking through the greenhouse with a customer.”

Marc Sassen with the Bachelor

The doors are open daily from 09:00 to 16:00 and the nursery at Molenkade 3 in Nieuwveen is basically freely accessible. You can/may of course also make an appointment and if you want to use the shuttle service to and from the fair, please indicate that also in advance.

For more information:
VIP Roses
Molenkade 3
2441 CM Nieuwveen
E: [email protected]