Uzbekistan increases deliveries of roses to Russia

Uzbekistan strives to capture a significant portion of the Russian flower market, valued at around $4 billion. The dynamic is changing in the flower import market to Russia, with the Netherlands losing market share and Ecuador facing logistical challenges.

The key advantages are faster delivery times from Tashkent compared to Ecuador and the possibility of increasing profits by repurposing greenhouses for growing flowers. Diversity in varieties can attract a broader customer base and meet various preferences, which are significant factors that can contribute to the success of Uzbek flower growers in the Russian market.

Research demonstrated that tomato cultivation in greenhouses can yield up to $240,000 net income per hectare. However, by transitioning to flower cultivation, the net profit potential can double, reaching $480,000 per hectare.

Farmers Tulkin Asroriddinov from Sokh and Alijon Tajibaev from Kuva, by combining ideas and capital, created a farm for growing flowers and seedlings in 2021. The farm “Asat vodiy gullari” has been able to grow and export a wide variety of flowers.

At present, the farm cultivates an impressive array of 300 flower varieties sourced from around the globe. Russia is the primary market for their flowers and seedlings, with exports reaching 300,000 last year and an even more substantial 500,000 expected this year.