Garden Media Group celebrates 35 years in business

Over the last three and a half decades, the horticulture industry has seen many success stories—Knock Out® Roses, Endless Summer® hydrangeas, Costa Farms’ O2 for You, and Wave® petunias, to name a few. What may seem coincidental is, in fact, rooted in history, as Impact Marketing & PR was founded by Suzi McCoy 35 years … ادامه

Finalists selected for The Pasadena Tournament of Roses 2024 Royal Court

Before the final round of interviews, the 28 finalists for the 2024 Royal Court, presented by Citizens Business Bank, took a group photo on the front steps of the Tournament House. Applicants from 15 Pasadena area schools participated in the interview process, and seven of the finalists will be named to the 2024 Royal Court … ادامه

ISO appoints Martin Maasland as CEO

ISO appointed Martin Maasland (50) as Chief Executive Officer as of October 1. With his broad international experience, Martin Maasland will be ultimately responsible at ISO for the organization’s overarching strategies and policies. Martin Maasland brings years of administrative experience to his new position. Prior to ISO, he worked as Managing Director at Vanderlande India … ادامه

“Strawberry growers can produce the same, while using less water”

Strawberry growers are no strangers to the unpredictable nature of weather conditions that can jeopardize their crops. To counteract this, many are transitioning or have transitioned to indoor production, employing tunnels and gutters to safeguard their precious plants. In this evolving landscape, DGT by Senmatic, a Danish company renowned for its greenhouse technology expertise, has … ادامه

Longer-lasting cut flowers: the subzero solution

Cold storage of cut flowers is often a necessity. On most farms, it is impossible to harvest enough flowers to satisfy the immediate needs of all customers and markets. Storing cut flowers at cold temperatures of 35-39°F reduces respiration and transpiration, allowing them to remain fresh and have a longer vase life. The duration that … ادامه

US: UF economist to take questions about losses to agriculture industry due to Hurricane Idalia

Christa Court, University of Florida economist and director of the UF/IFAS Economic Impact Analysis Program, will host a brief presentation on the preliminary estimates of agriculture production losses after impacts from Category 3 Hurricane Idalia, followed by an open Q&A session. Thursday, September… منبع

US (CA): Eufloria Flowers in Nipomo showcase their efforts of sustainably grown rose

The award-winning Eufloria Flower farm in Nipomo is growing sustainable roses with innovative technology that is better for the environment and their farm workers. Eufloria has a long family history in the flower industry. They are part of the Society of American Florists and Certified American Grown… منبع

Flores Isabelita awarded at the Comfenalco Antioquia Inclusion Awards

Flores Isabelita, a company affiliated with Asocolflores, was awarded the Inclusion Awards promoted by Comfenalco Antioquia. First place in the Labor Inclusion of People in Human Mobility category went to this organization from Eastern Antioquia, which highlights good labor inclusion practices. “By receiving… منبع

UK: Lossiemouth flower show makes colorful return

Lossiemouth Town Hall was filled with vibrant colors and the scent of fresh blooms on Saturday as the town’s flower and produce show made a triumphant return. The event, organized by the Lossiemouth Flower Show Society, had been paused for the last three years, and the group were delighted to receive… منبع