Syngenta synergy at IPM Essen 2024 with theme ‘Every Flower Counts’

From 23 to 26 of January, 2024 Syngenta Flowers will again be present at IPM Essen, the largest Trade Fair for the flower business in Europe. Yet, this time the company will collaborate with Syngenta Professional Solutions in the booth.

Theme for the event is ‘Every Flower Counts’, which highlights the synergy between the best genetics in flowers and the best treatment solutions, resulting in healthy and beautiful plants. Both Syngenta businesses complement each other and serve Flowers growers to achieve optimal results in production performance, quality and shelf-life.

Highlights from Syngenta Flowers
This year, the team is pleased to showcase its finest products in the Biennials and Spring perennials range. A notable highlight is the latest Viola wittrockiana series, Delta® Pro, which shows unmatched uniformity and earliness among all colours. In addition to Delta Pro, the company offers a diverse selection of violas, including small, larger flowered, and trailing types, as well as Primula, Bellis, and Myosotis.

In Spring Perennials, Calendar Colours is a valuable tool for growers and retailers alike, enabling them to make informed decisions about their perennials assortment. With monthly offers, it is easier to plan and manage the perennials assortment throughout the year.

New this year are Helleborus ‘Christmas Carol Early’ (flowers two weeks earlier) and ‘Christmas Carol Compact’ (highly suitable for smaller pot sizes of 6 to 9 cm). Also a range of Cyclamen varieties will be showcased, which demonstrate remarkable uniformity, reliability, and innovation within series and unique stand-alone varieties.

In annuals, the team is excited to present no less than four new varieties within the Rio® brand Mandevilla series, to enhance the grower’ product offering and provide a more comprehensive selection.

Highlights from Syngenta Professional Solutions
This year Syngenta Ornamentals introduces two new Adjuvants: Assist M 36® and Elasto G5®.

Assist M 36 ensures a optimal coverage of the plants and accelerated uptake of lipophilic active ingredients. This leads to more efficient use of our Insecticides Mainspring® and Vertimec® Pro, which can contribute to a sustainable production system and keep plants healthy for longer.

Elasto G5® promotes wetting of the leaf surface, improves the absorption of active ingredients, prevents the spray liquid from running off and leads to an even distribution. Elasto G5 ensures a better efficacy of biofungicide Taegro® in promoting a better wetting of the leaf surface.

Furthermore, innovative plant protection solutions for ornamentals will be showcased: a combination of new bio- fungicides Taegro® and FytoSave® and proven chemical fungicides like Askon®, Ortiva® and Switch®.

Last but not least, the insecticides Mainspring®, Vertimec Pro® and Afinto® will be on display. These can be easily combined with beneficials which is relevant within an integrated strategy in ornamentals.

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