Sold-out Canadian Greenhouse Conference well on its way

As a new, fresh day is to start in Niagara, Canada, the second day of the Canadian Greenhouse Conference is about to kick off as well. The sold-out show brings together more than 220 suppliers and North American greenhouse growers.

The team with Plant Products

Prospiant present at the show

Settling uncertainties
Following what several companies refer to as ‘a lost year’, expectations for 2024 are notably higher. Some of the uncertainties that plagued the market appear to be settling, although the ever-present specter of fluctuating interest rates looms in the background.

The pandemic gave a significant boost to the greenhouse industry, but it came to an abrupt halt last year due to soaring inflation and labor rates, and escalating utility and raw material costs. This surge in operating expenses had a direct impact on all prices, including the ones found in the supermarkets, but did not translate into better prices for the growers themselves.

After years of rapid expansion, growers are now shifting their focus inward, emphasizing efficiency and profitability. This has led to substantial investments in automation and consolidation in the market, as 2023 has seen a series of growers acquisitions.

The team with Roelands Plant was present at the show

Recently, Meteor Systems launched their new growing system, enabling growers to grow on the lid of the container.

Stabilized market
Looking to 2024, suppliers hope a stabilized market will bring new opportunities. But first, it’s trade show time. The first day of the show saw a positive number of visitors. The CGC week is characterized by the many informal events in the evening, so the expectations for today are mixed. We’ll keep you updated!