Plantpeddler Variety Day 2023 in 10 minutes

To capture the action and color of Variety Day 2023, Plantpeddler released a video featuring highlights of the event, which occurred on Friday, August 4, 2023. Variety Day is focused on the goal of “Testing the Best in the Midwest,” with nearly 1,500 varieties of vegetative annuals in large containers, hanging baskets, and beds from a global array of breeders. Along with the Trial Gardens, the day featured presentations, a vendor-sponsor trade show, lunch, tours, and additional activities. Within this video, breeder representatives present key selections from the gardens.

See below the Plantpeddler Variety Day 2023 video.

This video expands upon the teaser video recap of Variety Day 2023:

“We greatly appreciate all of the breeders for submitting genetics, supporting vendor partner sponsors, the team at Plantpeddler for all their efforts and hosting, and especially everyone who attended,” the Plantpeddler team says.

Upcoming Plantpeddler Variety Days
Plantpeddler Poinsettia Variety Day 2023 is on November 30, and Plantpeddler will host Variety Day 2024 on August 2.

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