Photo report: Plantarium|Groen Direkt

Plantarium|Groen Direkt is one of the highlights of the year for the Dutch tree nursery industry. Traditionally, the (large) buyers visit this 2-day fair to learn more about the offer for the upcoming seasons, and the moment is also used by growers to launch novelties. FloralDaily and our colleagues at BPnieuws were also present to make a photo report.

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200+ companies
The fair, which combines actual trade (Groen Direkt) with relationship management and marketing (Plantarium), also offers the opportunity to various suppliers, especially in the field of technology, in addition to all outdoor greenery. All in all, the 223 exhibiting companies, all of which also/at least to some extent, have international ambitions. After all, visitors do not just come from the Netherlands but from all over Europe and even beyond. Statistics are not in yet, but the organization expected to welcome 3,000 visitors.

Novelty awards
In terms of novelties, the Green Retail Awards were presented, and a jury has to choose from 100+ entries. On Wednesday morning, the winners were already announced, with the Diervilla splendens ‘G2X88544VAR’ (KODIAK MIXX), submitted by Valkplant from HazerswoudeDorp, coming first in the Best Novelty category of the Green Retail Award contest.

Peat-free cultivation
One of the trends we noticed when walking down the aisles and talking with the exhibitors was the peat-free cultivation. In general, growers are looking to grow more sustainably, and growing peat-free is not only a more sustainable option it also enables growers to continue exporting to the UK. In 2026, the professional horticultural sector needs to be peat-free, allowing for certain technical exemptions – with a complete ban from 2030 (Click here for more information on the peat ban in the UK)

Positive atmosphere
According to several growers, the season so far is better compared to 2022. The supply and demand seem to be better balanced, and the product quality seems higher. “Despite the Netherlands being in the middle of the crisis, with people having less money to spend, we don’t see that they stop buying flowers. They may buy the ‘cheaper’ or smaller products, but they continue buying them”, said an exhibitor. So, growers seem to be very satisfied so far, and therefore, the atmosphere at the exhibition was very positive.

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