Photo report: IFPA Floral Show 2023

The Global Fresh Produce & Floral Show, hosted in Anaheim by the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA) last week, featured an impressive array of over 120 stands in the floral pavilion, making it one of the largest events of its kind. This show primarily caters to North American fresh category buyers, encompassing both produce and floral products. The feedback from most exhibitors was overwhelmingly positive.

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The event drew participants from across the Americas, including North and South America. Notably, numerous breeding companies, one-stop-shop trading companies, packaging suppliers, and various Asian orchid growers were also in attendance.

Overall, the prevailing sentiment regarding the market was optimistic despite the persistent concern over rising costs.

So, what’s hot in North America? Succulents, whether in single pots or mixed arrangements, continue to enjoy immense popularity. Similarly, the entire green plant category remains in high demand, as does the timeless appeal of southern-style pastel colors.

In the realm of packaging, sustainability, and recyclability have assumed a central role. Suppliers of growing utilities and packaging materials showcased a range of eco-friendly options, including plastic-free, recyclable, or recycled products, aligning with the market’s growing demand for environmentally responsible solutions.

Before we dive further into the market, let’s first look at some photos!

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