Local florists present an immersive flower exhibit

In what is sure to be a breath of fresh, air-conditioned air, the lush flora of the outside will be displayed inside Heiress Gallery at The Factory St. Pete from August 25-27. A group of local, independent female florists have come together to present “Bloomers,” an immersive exhibition of flowers, moody lighting, atmospheric sounds, and even bubbles.

The following designers will be exhibiting: Ali Smith (FlowerSmith); Nicole Brady (Small Things Flower Co); Talia Craig (Petunia’s Florals); Diana Scafoglio (Petals, Presents, and Parties); Anna McElhatten (Maven Way); Sabrina Johnson (FLOAT Flora); and Regan Smith (Arms of Persephone).

The exhibit, which is themed around the four seasons, will include regular gallery hours, sensory-conscious hours with reduced sound and lighting, and private hours for photographers. There will be a designer talk-back with a natural wine tasting and, at the end of the weekend, a “rowdy live concert.”

Smith, who organized the exhibition, said there has been a huge uptick in the independent florist industry because of the rise of social media and the ability to easily connect to clients without the need for a storefront.

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