Keeping flowers fresh all the way

How can integrated logistics solutions and offering end-to-end supply chain optimization, from source to consumer, bring benefits to flower logistics? During the Proflora that took place earlier this month, Maersk answered this question, and at the same time, they exposed the value of partnering up with the flower industry in Colombia and Latin America.

The team at Proflora.

Keynote speaker with insightful talking points
Maersk’s participation reached its pinnacle with a keynote address by Carlos Hoyos. His presentation, titled “From Colombia to the World: Logistics Trends to Bloom,” offered valuable insights into shipping fresh flowers from Colombia to global destinations. The presentation covered topics like ocean transportation, air freight, supply chain management, and sustainability with the innovation of the Eco Delivery product.

Carlos Hoyos emphasized the importance of an efficient and sustainable supply chain in the flower industry. “He caused great enthusiasm, shedding light on Maersk’s role as a leading force in the logistics and transportation aspects of the flower industry.”

Keeping flowers fresh all the way
One of the most memorable highlights was Maersk’s partnership with Asocolflores, organizer of the event and Colombian association of flowers exporters, where they provided three Reefer containers to store flowers during the event. One of the containers stored international flowers (Ecuador, Guatemala, México, and Africa), and the other two housed Colombian Flowers. “The on-site containers made a significant impression and underscored Maersk’s commitment as a strategic partner to the flower industry.”

“Proflora 2023 was indeed a blooming success for Maersk, where we not only showcased our capabilities but also contributed to the continued growth and prosperity of the global flower industry. We look forward to more such enriching opportunities to connect, collaborate, and grow.”