“If there is a plant you are looking for, we can find it and ship it direct to your doorstep”

Specializing in unique and interesting starter material, Fleurizon prides itself on not only its diversity but also its beautiful material. And at Cultivate’23, which took place from July 16-18 in Columbus, Ohio, in the United States, they presented their most interesting and unique varieties from around the world. They were debuting many new plants as well as many classic and highly demanded varieties at the show. Curious? More on the varieties that were on display in this article below.

The team of Fleurizon at Cultivate’23 in Columbus, OH, USA.

The display included many offerings Fleurizon is well known for; unique and different plants. Like the Cucurma, Adenium, desert rose, Tillandsia xerographica, and Phormium. “Also, we have a unique collection to sell of wholesale plantlets such as Haworthia, unique Sansevieria, Agaves, and Kalanchoes, and we have a larger assortment than normally available in those quantities as well as house plants, such as Alocasia, Philodendron, Monstera (like the Thai constellation from tissue culture) which are available through our line of imported stage 3 tissue culture. Also, Caudex plants like Stephania, Adenium, Adenia, and many more were on display”, says Robert Pettorini of Fleurizon.

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The new varieties debuting at Cultivate 2023 are from a select range of species, he continues, “Two highlights for the show are two beautiful varieties of cactus. First, the Astrophytum asterias, an extremely beautiful and interesting cactus. These small Cacti are extremely popular due to their small habit and small globe shape as well as lack of spine. The second variety is the Gymnocalycium Mihanovichii. An eye-catching cactus, to say the least. With beautiful variegation with a wide array of colors that ensure that no one cactus will be the same.”

Another note of interest that Fleurizon is bringing to market is a new line of vegetable pot plants. “What sets these apart from other vegetable pot plants is that due to their compact growth habit, these plants will need no plant growth regulators, thereby increasing the growers’ profit while also reducing the use of chemicals on these edible plants.”

Fleurizon is both a broker and importer, dealing in domestic and foreign imported plant material and working with well over 200 farms located in the United States and Europe, as well as farms located across Asia, Africa, and South America. “We like to think if there is a plant you are looking for, we can find it and ship it direct to your doorstep!”

If you missed Fleurizons booth this year, have no fear, as they will be back at the same location for Cultivate 2024 at booth 2117 or reach out to them by phone or email or have a look at their website.

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