“Horrified with how dilapidated Westland feels, post-greenhouses”

“We recently cycled through Westland and were horrified by the dilapidated feel, post-greenhouses. You don’t want to live there. Surely, our town should want to avoid that prospect,” someone wrote in a letter to the Hollands Kroon municipality.

In that municipality, there is a discussion about whether the greenhouse horticulture areas should be allowed to keep expanding. That is in response to a recent report on the situation in North Holland North. Agriport’s growth, in particular, is being assessed.

In a letter sent to the council, the municipal executive board criticized that report. They say Agriport’s rapid growth, due to horticulture’s relocation from Westland to the glasshouse concentration area, was not adequately considered.

There is also no trend of entrepreneurs, such as the large tomato growers in Agriport, explicitly looking at overseas expansion. Also, the board adds, greenhouse horticulture growth’s effect on the area’s “broad prosperity” was not evaluated.

This matter is on the agenda for a November 23 municipal council meeting.

The neglect of Westland’s greenhouses is causing concern in that region, too. A statement issued in early 2020 by greenhouse builder Wouter Kuiper caused quite a stir. “Westland is becoming old and worthless,” he said.