Global Sourcing: Stronger than ever

The largest scourcing platform outside of China continues to grow. The Global Sourcing offering at Ambiente and Christmasworld is expanding, particularly in the Ambiente Table segment (10.2) and Office & Stationery (10.0), and is increasing from six to a total of seven hall levels. The volume business relating to Christmas and seasonal decoration is moving to Hall 6.2. Trade buyers can expect a unique range of products and services relating to dining, living, giving, working and festive decoration with a growing interest in sustainability, upcycling and modern design: a new generation of exhibitors reflects the trend towards responsible consumption.

For years, trade buyers, manufacturers, and importers have found reliable and strong partners in the sourcing sector for volume business ranging from industrially manufactured to handcrafted goods from all over the world. The joint global offering of Ambiente and Christmasworld opens up valuable business opportunities. For buyers who have not previously sourced globally, the platform provides uncomplicated access to traditional sourcing markets. As the largest available sourcing platform outside of China, Global Sourcing is ideal for systematically establishing contacts and concluding container deals with manufacturers. „Many exhibitors from Greater China who were unable to take part in the last trade fair – due to the zero-Covid strategy that was still being pursued at the time or complications within the visa application process – have confirmed their participation. This means that in 2024 the global offering will grow quantitatively by two hall levels – but also qualitatively”, says Philipp Ferger, Vice President Consumer Goods Fairs. „We are seeing very clear trends towards a more responsible consumption. One of the reasons is that a new generation of exhibitors is emerging. Not only do they often have a long tradition with Messe Frankfurt, they also keep the management of the business traditionally within the family. The next generation is also accompanied by a change in values,” continues Ferger. With more sustainable products with elegant designs, the 2024 offering will be of interest to an even broader target group.

High level of internationality and quality
Global Sourcing exhibitors can meet the needs of trade buyers fast, as key resources such as jute, cotton, wood or metal are often grown or extracted locally in the countries of origin and can therefore be used in production without delay. The range on offer in Frankfurt is unparalleled worldwide and the most international Global Sourcing platform outside of China: individual exhibitors and joint stands from China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam and numerous countries from Africa, Eastern Europe and Latin America will be presenting their diverse product ranges. Exhibitors from a total of 40 countries can be found at Ambiente in Halls 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 and 11.1. The Global Sourcing Kitchen & Houseware section (11.1) alone features exhibitors from a total of 23 countries. At Cristmasworld’s Global Sourcing segment, buyers have a high degree of internationality to chose from thanks to exhibitor nations such as China, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Nepal, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Ukraine.

A unique range on seven hall levels
The relocation of the high-volume business relating to Christmas and seasonal decorations to Hall 6.2 creates the shortest possible walking distances and additional closeness to the overlapping product ranges of Ambiente Giving (4.2). This opens up even more synergies and potential for additional product ranges to visitors in the areas of Christmas & Seasonal Decoration, Visual Merchandising & Lighting, Florists’ Supplies & Garden Decoration, Ribbons & Packaging, Candles and Soaps.

At the upcoming trade fair, the Ambiente range in Hall 10.0 will be dedicated to Global Sourcing Working. The segment is expanding and has brought back many high-quality and leading suppliers from China and India as well as acquiring new ones. In addition to traditional writing instruments, digital devices are also offered that are compatible not only with paper but also with electronic devices, such as the Colorpik series. Hall 10.1, with Global Sourcing Home Decoration & Gifts, is all about giving. Here you can find producers with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials such as jute bags and wickerwork made from natural fibers from companies including Bacninh Manufacture (Vietnam) and Eco Jute (India). Global Sourcing Table (10.2) will double in size compared to the previous year. In 2023, exhibitors occupied only half the hall floor here – now they occupy the entire area. Here, buyers can find everything related to porcelain, ceramics, metalware and silverware as well as table decor and accessories. Many Hospitality (Front of House) manufacturers also exhibit here. Global Sourcing Kitchen & Houseware (11.1) is home to a wide range of flatware, cookware, fryware, bakeware, kitchenware and small electrical appliances. First-time participants such as Sacvin Nigeria share the floor with many other Hospitality manufacturers from the Back of House segment.

Home & Garden Select in Hall 10.3 presents itself at the highest standard and extremely aesthetic products that are also of interest to the contract business, such as those from exhibitors Malhotra Handicrafts (India), The Rug Republic (India) and Stonemen (India). The Home Accessories & Contemporary Crafts segment (10.4) is once again very popular and the point of contact for many internationally active organizations: Small furniture, home accessories and textiles from all over the world reflect the diversity of the global market. Fair trade, sustainability and upcycling are another focus of the floor. Exhibitors here include Allpa Perú (Peru), Karupannya Rangpur Ltd (Bangladesh) and Why Waste Wood? (Indonesia).

A large number of exhibitors at Global Sourcing are non-profit organizations such as councils, ministries or export promotion authorities. These include CBI (Netherlands), Centre Commerce International (Switzerland), Directorate General of Small, Medium and Multifarious Industry (Indonesia), Export Promotion Bureau (Bangladesh), Taipei World Trade Center Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) or Trade Development Authority of Pakistan. Many of these organizations promote fair and sustainable production conditions locally. This is also reflected in the number of products and companies awarded the Special Interest Ethical Style. The Special Interest leads to a curated selection of particularly sustainable products: Ethical Style offers exhibitors the opportunity to present their particularly environmentally friendly, ethically produced and sustainable products to the trade fair audience and helps visitors to find products that are relevant to them by labeling them at the stand and in the online exhibitor search.