German rose breeder Rosen Tantau invest in the future with new greenhouse

The new greenhouse for cut roses of the rose breeder Rosen Tantau, located in the North of Germany, is now finally finished. The first planting was done end of September and now the very first flowers can be seen this week. “We are all very happy that the greenhouse is now finished and that the plants have developed very well”, says Rosen Tantau’s Alexander Letkow.

But to get to this point it was a very long and challenging journey, he explains. “The plans for this new greenhouse complex were already made in 2019 and everything was settled and then Covid came. During the first lockdown, the management board decided in the short term to put the project on hold and wait how the whole rose market and global industry would react to this pandemic. But in 2021 the final decision was made to go on and to build this new greenhouse.”

This new complex has a capacity of about 8.500 sqm and is divided into 5 separate sections. “It is built at the place where greenhouses of the 1960s and the 1990s were demolished. This whole area has now increased a couple hundred sqm.”

The glass greenhouse is a classic Venlo building built by Maurice Ammerlaan from the Netherlands. The standing walls have a height of 5,50 m and the plants can be shaded by a double screen. There are full LED lights (from the company OSRAM/Fluence ) installed in four of the five sections of that greenhouse complex.

This greenhouse will be only used for their cut roses, for the selection of new varieties, as a show house for customers, and for the propagation of budwood material for their own young plant propagation.

During the whole construction phase, they were facing several issues and unexpected delays. “There were some bad weather conditions, yes, but one of the main impacts of several delays were the economic effects of the Ukrainian war on the supply of the construction material”, explains Letkow.

The date of the new plantings was postponed several times so that in the end the new rose plants were put into the new greenhouse end of September instead of April.

“We are very happy to see the new plants growing and starting to flower for the first time. We want to celebrate that together with our customers. Cut rose growers are invited to our Open Days from January 15-19, 2024 on the occasion of the grand opening.”

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