An award-filled day at Proflora 2023

It was a first day full of awards at Proflora 2023. The “Contest of Varieties” saw many interesting entries, and jury had to judge more than 400 of them. Augusto Solano, CEO of Asocolflores, said: “Innovation has been the core of Proflora since 1991, and this year was no exception. Over 400 new varieties entered the competition and all they will be showcased during the three days of the fair, before the eyes of approximately 6,500 visitors from 60 countries who form part of the flower-growing sector”.

Fifty-nine companies from different countries participated in the competition divided in 18 categories and 2 modalities; “Flower Producers” and “Breeders”. They presented for the jury´s evaluation, new textures, a wide color spectrum, and a final arrangement.

In the category of “Flower Producers”, several attributes were acknowledged, such as vase life, flower stem length, leaf size, cut-flower longevity, and flower quality.

At the same time, the category of “Breeders” highlighted development innovation of new varieties by local and international companies, as well as natural crossings with different seeds (hybridization).

Daniel Velez, son of Lucie, accepted the award on her behalf

“It is worth mentioning that a breeder does not interfere in genetic modification and therefore it can take up to 6 years to introduce a new variety in Proflora 2023. In order to obtain 3 or 4, the breeders had to carry out approximately 8,000 crossings of this type”, added Solano.

And here are the winners.

  • Champion, Breeder Category

Company: Guaqueta Trading

Category: Otros

Variety: Voyage Improved japanese type

  • Champion, Producer Category

Company: Plazoleta Bazzani

Category: Fillers

Variety: Tessa Lavander

Company: Plazoleta Bazzani

Category: Fillers

Variety: Tessa Lavander

Sustainability awards
It wasn’t all about varieties, as one of the main focuses of the show was on sustainability – quite a trending topic currently. “For the last 5 decades, we have implemented a great number of programs and activities oriented towards generating for our members, coworkers, communities, and for the country: development, welfare, inclusion, equity, and social and environmental respectful relationships. Thus, in Proflora 2023 we are proud to acknowledge and recognize some of the experiences that have been developed in this sense by the flower sector during the last year”, said Augusto Solano, CEO of Asocolflores.

“We must remember and give value to the great number of initiatives that our companies have undertaken to strengthen the quality of life of their workers, to ensure social and economic development of the communities where floriculture has influence, and to respect the ecosystems at the flower farms and their areas of influence. This price shows that flower-growers make our society bloom”, Solano pointed out.

Plazoleta, grand champion with Tessa

Additionally, this year the Sustainability and Shared Value Award acknowledges the work of Lucie de Vélez, the wife of Ernesto Vélez, from the Suasuque flower farm, both charter members of Asocolflores. They have shown their love of family values, the countryside, and the development of the communities.

People checking out the varieties that were sent in for the competition

And here are the winners of this other award:

Social Experiences Category: acknowledgement to the development of policies, programs and/or significant projects to improve the experience of people and the social and labor impact of the flower-growing companies at different levels:

  • Best community management program: Fagua Ambassadors – MG Consultores [MG Consultants]

This program, with headquarters at Fundación Casa Tibaná [the Tibaná House Foundation], seeks to generate integration between the various local actors, adding value to the community by giving training in leadership skills through experimental education methods.

  • Best management practice in Occupational Safety (SST, in Spanish): Your safety is our responsibility – Flores del Este [Flowers from the East]. This strategy has reduced injuries due to falls on the same level. The initiative uses flower-production byproducts to adapt working surfaces, providing safety to the workers and enforcing an innovative cleaner production.
  • Best training and labor wellbeing program: We are thinking about you… Best person, best team – Guirnaldas/Innovaflora. This strategy is oriented towards strengthening the work and family interactions of employees through personal tools and the development of soft skills.

Environmental Experiences Category: recognition to the development of policies, programs and/or prominent projects to mitigate the impacts inherent to the operation of flower-growing companies.

  • Flores El Capiro S.A [El Capiro Flowers] – Biofactory: Since 2022, jointly with the company INBACTER, Flores el Capiro implemented its laboratory of beneficial fungi called Biofactory. The objective of this biological treatment project in the plantation is cost reduction, soil health improvement, biofertilization, and some pest control.
  • Cultivos La Planicie S.A.S. [La Planicie Crops] – Environmental Management Plan – Landscape and Biodiversity Management Program. This program is framed within the suitable use and management of natural resources such as water, soil, fauna, flora, atmosphere, and landscape, under the scope of the farm´s mission and vision, by identifying the high ecological value areas of the farm.
  • Deliflor Américas – New Deliflor Américas Home office. The construction of the House of Chrysanthemums within the 8-hectare home office, in La Ceja, Antioquia, is a thorough concept to generate added value to the region, the country, the industry, and the workers and clients.

Three days
Proflora is in its second day today and will last till Friday October 6. FloralDaily is also present to make their traditional photo report in which all winners will be found too. So, be ready to strike a pose and smile!