A year after arson, greenhouse is still rebuilding

Christmas decorations are now filling the retail floor at Lynde Greenhouse and Nursery in Maple Grove. “Definitely a transition period. It’s getting cold, winter’s on the way,” said Derek Lynde, president of Lynde Greenhouse and Nursery.

Yet for Lynde, his business is in a transition period in more ways than one. “It’s a daily grind to get back to where we were, now close to 13 months ago,” he said.

On Oct. 2, 2022, a fire intentionally-set by three juveniles destroyed the warehouse, loading dock and storage area, among other things. Lynde didn’t mince words when asked to describe the experience.

“A nightmare, to be perfectly honest,” he said. “I still walk through the new building and think that it’s not real.” Lynde has worked tirelessly over the last 13 months to get this place back to being a functioning greenhouse.

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