5 Modern design techniques from AIFD 2023 Symposium

Superstars of the floral world gathered in Chicago this month for the annual week-long AIFD symposium titled “GROW.” Established in 1965, the American Institute of Floral Designers is the Harvard for floral designers and a think tank for floral innovation.

Not only is the non-profit organization dedicated to establishing, maintaining, and recognizing the highest standard of professional floral design, its worldwide accredited members present educational design programs. Plus, AIFD designers create flowers for events ranging from the Tournament of Roses Parade to the Academy Awards.

Some of the presenters this year included Charlie Groppetti, former White House florist Laura Dowling, Sweden’s Per Benjamin, Germany’s Bjorn Kroner, Taiwan’s Elly Lin, and Jenny Thomasson. Specialty flowers were flown in from around the globe, and their aromas were intoxicating. It was a design festival on steroids since these are the premier florists who have special relationships with the world’s best growers. You definitely felt “that flower feeling.”

In this article, some trends Jill Brooke saw at this year’s convention. These trends will undoubtedly be planted into interior design and home decor in the next year. Click here for the full article.