4% decrease in flower- and plant export

Dutch flower and plant exports will close the first three quarters of 2023 with an export value of 5.3 billion euros, a minus of 4%. This was announced by the Association of Wholesalers in Flower Nursery Products (VGB) on the basis of Floridata export statistics. Cut flowers decreased by 5% to 3.2 billion euros and plants by 3% to 2.1 billion euros.

Increased costs
Costs are increasing substantially in areas such as transport, energy, and labor costs, and demand for flowers and plants is lagging behind. Exports to the UK and France show a sharp decrease compared to the decrease in exports to Germany. Only Belgium had a small plus in the top 10. “On top of the war situation in Ukraine, which makes the situation uncertain, we are now also seeing all the problems in Israel. What is happening there is, of course, terrible. As strange as it sounds, it also impacts our floriculture sector,” says Matthijs Mesken, director of the VGB. Indeed, there are more than 200 growers operating in Israel from which Dutch traders buy flowers and plants. That accounts for €15 million a year. The export of our flowers and plants to Israel is also at a standstill. “Let us hope that they will find peace as soon as possible, that both parties will come together again because this is horrible to see.,” Mesken said. Exports are expected to contract by 4% this year.

Watch the ‘FloraFlits’ below for more information on the Q3 2023 figures and the latest developments for the biggest exporting countries. Both Matthijs Mesken and Wesley van den Berg (Floridata manager) comment.

Source: VGB